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Registration is now open for the 2018-2019 Confirmation program year.

Classes begin on Sunday, September 16th. We meet from 6pm-8pm. The first class will be a parent/student meeting in the church at 6pm.

Reminder- Bishop Persico requires that a student attend 9th and 10th grade Religious Ed. classes or attended a Catholic School for 9th and 10th grade prior to attending the Confirmation classes in 11th grade.

Questions regarding Confirmation -- contact Tammie Mang 838-9983

Questions regarding Emmaus Service -- contact Darrell Meyers 450-3697

All candidates are required to complete 10 hours of individual service hours, plus 3 hours at Emmaus Soup Kitchen. This is our large group project for Confirmation. Groups are scheduled for Emmaus on the third Monday and third Thursday of each month. The work session time is 3:30pm to 6:30pm Contact Darrell Meyers, Emmaus Coordinator for more information.

*Emmaus Soup Kitchen - Adult and youth help needed January 21, 2019. Call Darrell Meyers @ 450-3697 for more information, or Darrell Meyers *

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  • Confirmation Handbook (116.5 KB)
  • Code of Conduct (45.1 KB)
  • Questions regarding Confirmation -- contact Tammie Mang

    Child Protection In-Servicing Information

  • Junior/Senior High Child Protection (401.85 KB)
  • Parent In-Service for Child Protection (1.1 MB)