Our Lady of Peace

Youth Ministry

The OLP Youth Group has two Groups within it. There is a Senior High Youth Group for grades 9 and up, and a Junior High Youth Group for grades 5-8. Typically, both Groups meet every Thursday night.

  • On the first Thursday of the month, we gather for what is called Spirit Nights, where we pray, share, and do fun activities. These events are all about supporting each other in our faith.
  • The second Thursday of the month is always a fun event, like Get Air, mini-golf, open gyms, etc.
  • The third Thursday, we gather for Adoration Praise and Worship, with snacks and fellowship afterwards.
  • And the fourth Thursday of the month is always a service project, where we go into the community and put our faith into action at nursing homes, food pantries, etc.

In addition to all this, we do big events like Box Village, the March for Life, the Steubenville Youth Conferences, Young People Who Care, and more!

You do not have to "sign up" for Youth Group.....just come to our activities as you are able to! And make sure that, when you do come, give us your cell phone number so that we can put you on a list where you will get weekly text reminders of our events! All are welcome! Bring your families to our Adoration and service events too!

  • Youth Ministry Calendar for October, November, and December 2018
  • Youth Ministry Release and Medical Form

  • Corey Ferraro
    Director for Youth Ministry