Our Lady of Peace

Meeting Notes

November 17, 2011

Gym Floor
Sport court – 30 year – smaller panels – Mercyhurst has and so does family first – can dress up as you want, tested, local rep out of Pittsburgh, bounces at 98 percent of wood.

xxSport Big panels Utah not local, Plastic floors

Issues with wood – no water issues, panels replaceable – need to recoat after 5 years
Will send a bid – in the mail

They can also do all painting and cleaning
Brandels in gave bid clean paint – 20,000
Putnam will send a bid

School Roof
Waiting on bid from one company Farrell 170,000 bid need update bid from McCreary
Catholic services appeal
Sensational evening funds to go to the roof 10,000

Trees were replaced – drainage issues need to be addressed French drain in place

Properties website
Created new tabs current projects – detail gym floor could then link to companies with proposals
Add meeting notes to web site
Resources list of trades people
Lisa W asking for this week parishioners who have businesses as a resource list
For projects contact person for each our names and strengths
Need to have grant access to members so we all can update
Secure pages so that only properties can see certain info
Blog option would allow for conversation

Pastors items
Gas smell in boilers starting up 1st stage boiler not burning all gas need to get someone into to look at was able to switch to second boiler

Drain issue fixed

Issue grass dug up needs to be replanted

Broken cracked cement Evan and Mike working on

Steps by gym now have yellow tape for safety issue

Drain issue – Chuck can raise and put 2 inch lip so that it will sit level will need to block off for several days

List in bulletin of projects – some one dropped of check to help

Fr Jason’s bathroom updated and fixed came in under 5000 quote

2 urinals in school leaking – 1st floor right across from 1st grade – odors from the pipes – will need to take pipes out major work to get to

Wireless mikes – need to move antenna from sacristy to inside the church

Kevin will work on with Evan – need to run cable. Drill thru the brick
Need to get a hammer drill for smart boards to put bolts up need to figure out where there are going to be hung – Jeff

Lights in church end of November

Evans items -

Review and updating ranking of properties project list. -
Nov 17th
No dec scheduled
Schedule for the next year.