Our Lady of Peace

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus offer a chance to help others, as well as yourself and family. All that membership requires is to be 18 years of age or older, a man, and a practicing Catholic in union with the Holy See. Dues are $25 a year, which covers administrative costs. Our service within this volunteer organization inherently promotes the Church, family, and community. We meet regularly on the third Tuesday of the month in the social room at 7:00pm preceded by the Rosary at about 6:40pm. Members can choose to participate in any activity of interest. The level of an individual’s participation is of his own choosing and will likely vary throughout his life. On a monthly basis throughout the school year, the Knights of Columbus host a Pancake Breakfast, which helps to promote parish unity and to fund our projects. We support our Seminarians, Our Lady of Peace School, and the Boy Scouts and we supplement the Altar Server program.

For more information contact:

  • Greg Fisher - 814-504-1728