Our Lady of Peace

About Cursillo


The Diocese of Erie is bringing the CURSILLO ULTREYA to Our Lady of Peace Parish beginning December 4th and every Frist Friday after. Watch this page for more details!

What is a Cursillo?

A Cursillo is a three day learning, sharing, experience of living in a Christian community. The word "Cursillo" is Spanish, meaning "a short course." Cursillo is an abbreviation of the full title: 'Cursillo de Cristiandad' which means, "A short course in Christian Living." During the three days of a Cursillo, a person not only hears inspiring talks on what it really means to be a Christian today, but actually experiences the joy of building and being part of a genuine Christian community. The Christian community formed during a Cursillo is very similar to the Christian communities in the early days of the Church.

Is it a Retreat?

The "retreat" portion of the Cursillo lasts only from the opening night until breakfast the following morning, during which time silence is to be observed. Thereafter, there is much informal talk, some singing, joking, laughter and prayer. The atmosphere of a Cursillo is a joyous one.

How Old is the Cursillo?

The first Cursillo was held on an island off the coast of Spain, Majorca, January 1949. The Bishop of the island, Bishop Juan Hervas, assisted by priests and laymen, founded the Cursillo Movement after about eight years of preparation. Bishop Hervas wanted to awaken in his men the deep meaning and power of the faith they professed, to make them aware of what is fundamental in being a Christian. The Cursillo Movement succeeded so well in it's purpose that it spread rapidly from Spain through South America to Mexico and to the United States. Truly, it's growth has been phenomenal. The Cursillo Movement is active in every part of the free world. The first Cursillo in the United States was held in Waco, Texas in May 1957. The first English language Cursillo was held November, 1961 in San Angelo, Texas under Fr. Fidelis Albrecht, O.F.M.

What's In It For You?

Only time can tell! What you bring to the Cursillo is the gift of your unique personality. What you bring home is up to you!