Our Lady of Peace

Cursillo Movement

The Cursillo Movement has been active in the Erie Diocese for 44 years. The term “Cursillo” is a Spanish term (Pronounced “kur-SEE-o”) that means “short course in Christianity.” A Cursillo weekend is an opportunity to relax, make some friends, have fun and laugh a lot. The bulk of the weekend is spent learning about incorporating Christian values into one’s daily life through talks and activities. You will enrich your faith, get answers to questions, and clear up your doubts. An opportunity to more clearly recognize the unconditional love of Jesus as it is shown though the many volunteers it takes to put on a Cursillo weekend for you. Cursillistas are reminded of this Love though the many colors of the rainbow (which symbolize the many ways God shows his love) and the phrase “DE COLORES” which means “of the colors.” You will be provided with tools to help you deal with your everyday life as you deepen your relationship with God and other people. The Cursillo weekend is only what you make of it. More than 14,000 people in the Erie Diocese have made a Cursillo since 1963. Most will describe it as one of the most beautiful weekends of their lives.

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  • Cursillo Application (50.74 KB)
  • For more information contact:

    • Steve & Debbie Patterson - 833-5568

    To learn more about the Erie area Cursillo movement visit their website at http://www.eriecursillo.org/