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Project Owner: Fr. Ted

Estimated Cost:
* $18,000 to redo the floor with the same material
* $40,000 to install hardwood flooring

Gym floor has started to peel. Floor was completely redone a couple years ago, for the second time, but it is not holding up.

Comments on Rubber Floor
• Rubber over concrete
• Wears very well
• Multipurpose ~ doesn’t need to be covered for functions w/ tables & chairs etc.
• Old floor would need to be torn out in order to install properly
• Hard on legs ~ lots of injuries
• College players did not like it at Mercyhurst

Comments on Hardwood Floor:
• Can be placed right over top of rubber floor ~ a cushion was required because placing it over cement would be dangerous/too hard for the players
NCAA regulations required that college courts be hardwood late 80’s early 90’s
• Mercyhurst has had their hardwood since 1985 (27 yrs)
• Screen & recoat every year (clean, buff, and seal) for $4,250.00 by JSC Wood floors (Janitors Supply) ~ (MC court surface = 14,000 square feet)
• Every 8 – 10 yrs it needs to be stripped completely, repainted etc.
• w/ proper maintenance should last a very long time (8-10 sandings)
• needs to be covered for events to avoid dents and scratches

We currently have 2 estimates:
#1 The Final Floor out of Sugar Grove, Ohio. They were recommended by a parent from St. Pete that was involved in having Villa's floor redone which The Final Floor people did. This company met members of OLP in July 2011. Estimates range from $40,000 to redo the floor using similar material to what we currently have to $53,000 for hardwood.

#2 South One Supply and Home Center of Erie, PA. They proposed a VCT tile floor. The would tear out and dispose of existing rubber flooring and prepare floor for new VCT tile. Cost is $33,270.

None at this time.

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