Our Lady of Peace

Current Projects

Here is a summary of the current high priority projects the committee is working on. Click on each project for details.

AreaEst. CostDescriptionDate Proposed
School$95,000Replace roof1/1/2008
Daily Center$40,000Daily Center Floor9/1/2010
Daily Center$10,000Repainting Daily Center10/1/2011
School$12,000Classroom carpet replacement - 4 rooms1/1/2011
Cafeteria$50,000Cafeteria equipment repair/replace4/1/2011
$207,000Total estimated cost for high priority items

Playhouse Funded Items - These are items that the OLP Playhouse will fund out of their budget and which the committee has approved.

AreaEst. CostDescription
Daily Center$1,200Install new stage floor over old floor
Daily Center$700Shelving to store costumes etc.
Daily Center$1,500Stage curtain phase 1 - curtain is currently not working
Daily Center$125Exit door cover removable to block out light
$3,525Total estimated cost for playhouse funded items

Other Items - These are items that have been identified, but do not have an immediate need or have not been budgeted.

AreaEst. CostDescription
Daily Center$50,000Daily Center boiler is 47 yrs old - may be on last legs - school boilers 3 million btu each - could heat center
Cafeteria$20,000Cafeteria carpet replacement 5700sq ft (carpet squares $3.40sq ft)(rolled carpet $2.25sq ft)
Church$120,000Replace church carpeting (old estimate)
School$24,000Touch up/repainting of classrooms ($100 per room- does NOT include labor)
General$16,000Replace tractor/mower. Current tractor is about 20 years old. New tractor would have snow blower attachment.
General$1,500Landscaping scout house
General$6,000Rectory suite #6 bathroom; update shower and fixtures
General$10,000Playground bocce court
General$10,000Playground volleyball court ($500 donation)
General$10,000Playground Pavilion (Knights of Columbus)
ChurchunknownChurch music area - Level
SchoolunknownBoiler room outside airflow for max efficiency of boilers
GeneralunknownSecurity cameras - playground and church