St. Joseph Day Mass/Table Celebration

6:00 pmCategory: Events

Celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph with us at Mass at 6PM then head over to the School Cafeteria for a St. Joseph Table Celebration with traditional foods served in traditional ways with special observances in honor of the earthly father and guardian of Jesus.
The St. Joseph's Table is a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages when there was a severe drought in Sicily. No rain fell, no crops grew, and countless people died in the resulting famine. The peasants prayed to God for rain, but they also prayed to Saint Joseph to intercede with God on their behalf. They promised Saint Joseph that if God caused it to rain; they would hold a special feast honoring him.
The rains came, and the crops were planted. With the harvest, the people prepared the promised feast. Originally, wealthy land owners prepared the feast in the town square to feed the poor. St. Joseph is the patron saint of the poor, the homeless and unwed mothers.
Please bring non-perishable food items to the celebration.